The music at this fantastic event is being provided by:


Mr Marlon2

Mr Marlon


Mr Marlon A.K.A The Community Servant is a UK DJ and a radio presenter. He presents a weekly Saturday show on Concious Radio for 5 years.

Mr Marlon won Best All Round Radio Presenter, Best Community DJ, Hardest Working Street Sound, and Outstanding Contribution Services To The Guyanese Community.

Mr Marlon has interviewed a variety of reggae artists including Warrior King, Marcia Griffiths, Vershon and many more.

Mr Marlon’s early introduction to music was through a sound system called G.LOVE In 1995. Which then went on from to playing in clubs and private functions and becoming one of London’s top DJ’S and promoters.


Roy Medallion

Roy Medallion



Roy Medallion is one of the UK’s leading Lovers Rock Djs with a track record stretching as far back as the 1970s. As an East London boy, Hackney to be exact.

He first began entertaining crowds at birthday parties for friends and family, then, not long after he began to venture into playing at nightclubs. By the 1980’s his reputation as a Lovers Rock selector saw him gaining regular bookings at clubs such as Lambard, Pier One, Night Moves, Dougies, Shenola’s and Mingles.

Towards the end of the 1980s he began to start making his name in the world of radio. Whilst he is known as a Lovers Rock DJ, he is also capable of entertaining audiences with touches of soul and other reggae formats, although Lovers Rock remains his speciality. 



PD Coolie2

PD Coolie


Hello PD Coolie here I would just like to introduce myself, as a DJ of over 30 years’ experience.

In 1987, me and a few friends including my brother formed a Sound System called Knight Ravers a great sound system that is still going today. It was here I was known as Daddy Coolie. We mainly played birthday party’s weddings and christenings etc.

From 1987-1997 Knight Ravers held a yearly coach trip to Barry Island Wales for up to 400 of our fans. In one of the longest monthly events called The Old Skool Jam, I homed my skills as an all-round entertainer becoming a radio presenter host and a resident DJ. I played on the last Saturday of every month starting at a little club called Peaches then moving to a bigger place called Scenarios.

Finally ending up at Love Lounge playing to over 600-800 people at a time at this time I changed my name to PD Coolie and specialised in Lovers Rock, Revival Soul and 80’s and 90’s music club and party Classics.

Now I am one of the leading specialist in unsigned UK Lovers Artist and music. I produce a radio show showcasing NU Lovers Talent and also a show playing Old School Tunes.


Cass Manhattan2

Cass Manhattan


Cas Elcock aka Cass Manhattan has been on the music scene since the 80’s playing Rare Grove at house parties as Manhattan. Clive James would play Reggae and Cass Manhattan would play Soul.

The rare groove specialist of the sound was DC Ninja was the mic man was Little T. For the Manhattan sound system things went a bit quiet, however, promoters still wanted my sound , so  I continued by myself as Cass Manhattan




Philip Level

Philip Level


Philip Level, DJ, Radio Presenter, Promoter.


Philips musical journey began as a youth, while at school he was a member of the school orchestra and trained to play the Tenor Horn in classical music.
This musical passion lead him to learn other instruments and form a Reggae Band where he played as the Drummer.

The Band won a competition, the prize being a day in a recording studio, this gave him an insight into widening his musical abilities and horizons within music.

Philip joined his first sound system “Unity ” in 1982, here he learnt his craft as a DJ and selector, later joining ” Level vibes “sound hence the name ” Philip Level “.

In the early 90`s he made his Debut on Genisis Radio as the presenter of The UK Lovers Rock Show, then moving to Power Jam Radio.

In 2000 he joined his current station, Hosting a 3 hour show each week “The Sunday Classics Show” presenting a mixture of classic soul, Lovers Rock and Revival with an hour of new UK based reggae.

Whilst highly regarded as one of the UK’s top lovers Rock DJs, he is known as an all round entertainer playing music at, Weddings, Parties, christenings and Clubs such as, The Indigo 2, Love Lounge, Jazz Café, Shenolas, Royal lounge, the list is endless.