Dress Code

Jiminy Cricket said, “let your conscience be your guide”, at the Emporium “let our blue dress lady be your guide”.


Ladies the dress code for this amazing evening is Silver dress, Silver Evening dress, or Silver Ball dress (take your pick).

What does this mean, well the dress must be silver, trimmings in a different colour is permissible but it must not make up the majority of the dress.

The length of the dress must be an appropriate length for this occasion.

The colour of the dress must be obviously silver, if you have to question whether or not it is silver then it probably isn’t.  Please do not push the colour spectrum, if your dress looks white at one end or Black for example at the other end then you will not be allowed to enter the Emporium.


For men, what can we say it’s really simple, Black Tie or Suit and Tie, no cravats. There is nothing more to add apart from, for the mischievous ones, just to be clear you will also need to wear the rest of the suit not just the black tie…

No trainers or sportswear or apparel with logos – yes we know that your trainers probably cost more than your suit but you will have to be seen in your trainers elsewhere – No Trainers in ‘ere.

Final Word

On a serious note, we want everyone to have a great time.  The dress code has been carefully chosen for maximum impact.  Unfortunately, anyone not dress according to this dress code will not be granted entry and your ticket will not be refunded.  Please don’t do this, we want everyone to have a great time and frankly it’s too distressing for us to turn anyone away.