Martin Wynter

“If you’re not smiling with what you’re doing, change it and do something to make you smile.” 

Martin Wynter

DJing for me was a thing I fell into as I never bought a  record as a youngster, my brother was the collector and I was fortunate to take over his collection at about 21.

The name SHOE DOCTOR was given to me by my brother as I’m a Shoe Repairer by trade.

As for radio I started in 1989 on CRN a local station in Newham which comprised of all local DJs. I remember my first show being at 4am in the morning and not being able to use the name Shoe Doctor because the station manager didn’t like it so I used SD The Revival Master…

This was roundabout the same time I joined Cousins INC sound which featured head selector DJ Christoss, Poleto Don (MC) Lady Sass, Comedian Quincy and manager Touchflow. At that time I would play the reggae Christoss would play the soul alongside Lady Sass.

Where to next….