Latin Rhythm Quarter


On the night SharkyDJ will be hosting the Latin Rhythm Quarter with Jas Shaw, Steevo LDJ (Salsa@Sinbin) and Tony Harrison (SalsaSmile).

DJ’s will be playing Salsa, Bachata, Merengue then Kizomba towards the end of the night. Kizomba is a beautiful music from Angola. Very popular with the ladies.

Anyone who would like a taste in the world of this beautiful dance is very welcomed to come and learn. We will accommodate to ensure you will leave with a big smile.

The teachers are highly experienced. So, come along and enjoy whether you have a partner or not. See you on the dance floor in Silver.

Join the Parade

Follow the colourful and unforgettable entertainment with exuberant Brazilian dancers, luxurious carnival costumes and unique live “batucada” playing the exciting samba rhythms.

Creating a truly authentic performance that will transport you to the steamy streets of Latin America and the world of Samba, Salsa and Carnival.  Watch a showcase of the best rhythms and dances of Brazil and Cuba in the heart of London.